Friday, May 28, 2010

Casting Characters (1): Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

I'm all right with books being turned into movies, and more often than not I end up watching them. Most of the time, I feel that the movie version pales in comparison to the book, so I prefer books to movies all the way. However, when I read a book, I picture characters a certain way, so I thought, why not post my ideas on my blog?

Earlier this week I finished Shiver (which I really enjoyed), and this is how I pictured the characters:
Sam -  Robert Schwartzman
I don't know why, but the moment I read Stiefvater's description of Sam (floppy hair, lanky frame, wolf-like face, musically inclined), I could not stop picturing him as Robert Schwartzman. To me, he's a total fit for the character! And he's in an actual band, which totally works, since Sam's also into music.

Grace - Evan Rachel Wood
I loved the movie Across the Universe, and while reading Shiver I imagined Grace to look like Evan Rachel Wood's character in the movie.

Rachel - Daneel Harris
Daneel Harris seems like the nice, lively type that gets along well with everyone- very much like Rachel.

Olivia - Odette Yustman
Olivia was described as tan and lean with dark hair, so I immediately thought of Odette Yustman. And I could totally imagine her as a wolf!


Beck - Adrian Pasdar
It's been a while since I stopped watching Heroes, and I never really thought much of Adrian's character Nathan, but I could picture him as Beck. He seems like a good father figure, and I bet he'd make a believable lawyer (since Beck's a lawyer when he's human).

Shelby - Taylor Momsen
Maybe it's because I've seen her play conniving Jenny Humphrey that I could so easily imagine Taylor as the snarky, power-hungry Shelby. Everything about her screams angry white wolf!

Jack - Ethan Peck
I didn't even watch the TV adaptation of 10 Things I Hate About You (I loved the movie), so I've only seen very little of Ethan Peck. But when I was reading about Jack, it was Ethan that I pictured. I guess the physical description fits- curly dark hair, fair skin.

Isabel - Sara Paxton
Blonde and pretty, Sara Paxton could totally pull off being a tiny-dog-carrying queen bee with a lot of attitude.

How did you picture the characters of Shiver?


  1. Hopped in and loved the post. Unlike you I don't picture actors as characters, perhaps because I do no really know too many names of young actors. I have yet to read Shiver either. Maybe this summer I will correct this

  2. thanks for visiting, jan! i really hope you get to read shiver this summer. i enjoyed it a lot :) haha i find that while reading, i picture book characters as people i already know. i have no idea why, it's just this weird thing i do :))

  3. OHH those are good, I just finished Linger and yep I like your choices, though I always pictured Beck as a bit younger...

  4. Can someone please put you in charge of the casting call? These picks are perfect! :) I guess it's a sign of how little I pay attention that I don't know who many of these actors/actresses are ... but they all look so close to how I've pictured Maggie's characters. Sam especially!

  5. Ooh, it's been a long time since Shiver, but this cast looks awesome! great picks!

  6. Wow. Nice picks! I don't know Robert Schwartzman but for some reason he looks a little on the shorter/younger side than how I pictured Sam. Is her taller than Evan Rachel Wood? If so, then perfect! :)

  7. I LOVE IT when people do picks like these!! Odette Yustman totally looks like a wolf, and Taylor Momson is the perfect pick for Shelby. Thanks so much for coming over to Book Love! I just became your newest follower :)

  8. Wow! I LOVE your choices! They're so perfect for the book. I will love to see the movie, if they're making one:D

  9. Hmm, I never considered who I'd cast for this story before, but I love Evan Rachel Wood as Grace! I think she be awesome! Great job casting the rest of the characters, too. Casting movie tie-ins is so much fun. :-)

  10. i love casting characters! it's so much fun to compare with other readers who we would choose for the book characters. btw i loved your choices for Sam and Grace, i think they're actually perfect, especially Sam!

  11. Erika,

    You are extremely good at this! Wow! I'm blown away. Love your cast, though I have to admit, I'm not a big Evan Rachel Wood fan.