Saturday, June 5, 2010

Casting Characters (2): Fallen by Lauren Kate

Casting Characters is a feature hosted at Erika Breathes Books that gives potential casts for books.

I have so much fun doing this, it's like therapy to me! So since I just finished my first week of sophomore year, why not destress with another Casting Characters post? This week's book is Fallen by Lauren Kate.

Luce - Emily Browning
I had a hard time finding someone that resembled my image of Luce, but Emily Browning was the closest I got. She's little, fair-skinned, and she can pull off black hair!

Daniel - Alex Pettyfer
Is there a more perfect fit? *swoon*

Arianne - Kaya Scodelario
I loved her in Skins, and she will aalways be bad-ass Effy Stonem to me. Look at her flipping the bird! She would be perfect for crazy Arianne.

Cam - Adam Gregory
Cam is supposed to be this irresistible, tall, charming guy, and I think Adam Gregory is just that. I got the vibe that Cam would look like he could be part of a band, and Adam sort of does.

Gabbe - Eleanor Tomlinson
I watched her in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging and I found her gorgeous, and this is exactly how I pictured Gabbe. At first I sort of imagined her like Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, but since Eleanor's age is a lot closer to Gabbe's in real life, I thought she'd be a better pick.

Molly - Agyness Deyn
I had a hard time imagining anyone as Molly, but I was browsing through a random website and saw a picture of Agyness, and it was like a switch clicked in my head. She'd be a perfect Molly!

Penn - Lisa Blackwell
Penn was another character I had a hard time imagining, and I'm not so sure with my pick, either, but I think Penn would look a bit like Lisa.

Todd - Josh Sussman
A lot of people will probably beg to differ, but this is how I pictured Todd! Actually, Josh is the first guy I picture when I think stereotypical nerd. No offense to him, though! I thought he was adorable as Hugh Normous :)


  1. What a fun idea and post!! I love the name and look of your blog! I found you via the blog hop and am a new follower! Have a great weekend!

  2. I think you picked great actors for Daniel, Luce, & Cam. This post is a great idea, seems like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.

  3. i haven't even read this series and it feels like you have these characters spot on great job! :)

  4. Love the choices! They should make a movie out of this book:D I would like to see who they would cast...

  5. Seeing a member from the Glee cast made my day lol. I haven't read the book but I am going to trust you on this. I'd buy a ticket :) Found you thru the hop. Have a great weekend and hope you pay me a visit too!

    Yesenia, Silly Little Game

  6. What a fun post! I haven't read Fallen yet, but this was still fun to read! :-)

    Thanks for visiting Proud Book Nerd as part of the hop! Have a great weekend!

  7. I meant to tell you that I have an award for you:

  8. I think Andy Sixx, would be a perfect fit for Cam, he's exactly as i pictured Cam to be, and also, Andy is the lead singer of Black Veil Brides. Pretty hot and irresistable to me :P