Saturday, June 12, 2010

Casting Characters (3): If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Casting Characters is a feature hosted at Erika Breathes Books that gives potential casts for books.

Not long ago I read If I Stay by Gayle Forman, and I la-la-loved it! (You can check my review here) If any of you haven't read it yet, go read it! It's lovely! Here's how I pictured the cast :)

Mia - Danielle Panabaker
She's not as visible as a lot actresses her age, but I love her. She looks like a total girl next door, and she always came across to me as someone shy and real- not at all arrogant. She can so be Mia!
Adam - Luke Pasqualino
I am a HUGE Skins fan, but for some reason I'm more  partial to the second generation. The story of Effy and Freddie just gets me! I fell in love with Luke as Freddie, and when I pictured Adam, I imagined him to look a little bit like this.

Kim - Vanessa Marano
I really hated the movie The Clique (no offense to any fans! It just wasn't for me), and that's the only movie I'd ever seen Vanessa in. Despite the fact that I haven't seen much of her, I think she'd make a perfect Kim.
Mom - Juliette Lewis
Watch her in Whip It, and you're sure to see what I mean :)
Dad - Owen Wilson
He definitely looks like the easy-going, unconventional father type! Mia's dad sounds like a really nice guy with a bit of a wild streak, so Owen really fits the part!

Teddy - Finley Jacobsen
 I dare you to tell me this boy is not cute!!! I imagined Teddy to be this really adorable, jolly kid, and Finley is just that! His part was small in Marley and Me, but I totally melted every time he was on screen :)


  1. Love Owen and that Little boy is soo cute! Awesome casting, Erika!

  2. Hi there Erika! Lovely blog you have, just stopping by on my hop! Thanx for stopping by at mine! I agree with your charcter choice for Mia!

    Lisa ( Badass Bookie) xx

  3. Casting Characters is my favorite feature and I loooooooooove If I Stay. I just have to share my pick for Mia: Emma Watson. She is so talented and she was playing Mia in my mind the whole time that I was reading. I have also had another thought-- Did Foreman ever really describe what Mia looks like in the book? And if not, does she have to be white? And if not, what about Keke Palmer? She is a fabulous actress and I think she would make a great Mia!

  4. What a cool feature! I love If I Stay.

  5. great idea for mia, katie! emma watson never crossed my mind, but now that i think about it, she would be great :) i loved her in the harry potter series.

    foreman never really went into detail about what mia looked like in the book, but i always perceived her to be white. it said in the book that her parents and brother were blonde and she was the only one who wasn't, so i sort of pictured her with auburn or brown hair :) but i do agree, keke palmer is a wonderful actress :D

  6. I love this cast. One of my English projects is to create a cast for this book. Im going to use yours except, i see Jesse McCartney as Adam && Frankie Jonas as Teddy. Only because of their music background.

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