Sunday, July 4, 2010

In the Hotseat: Elizabeth Scott

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to tell you guys that I have a new feature here at Erika Breathes Books- it's called In the Hotseat, which really is just a fancy name for author interviews. So to kick this feature off, I have the amazing Elizabeth Scott with me here today! She's the author of Bloom; Perfect You; Something, Maybe; and several other YA novels.

I recently read one of her books, Love You Hate You Miss You (which was great, by the way), and Elizabeth was nice enough to answer some questions about the book, writing, herself, and other random things. Let's see what she had to say.

What message did you want to get across when you wrote Love You Hate You Miss You?
I really despise books with messages or lessons--I wrote Love You Hate You Miss You because I wanted to tell Amy's story, and what I hope readers get from the book is something they've enjoyed reading!

What was the most difficult part about writing the book?
The timeline--I finally ended up buying a calendar and plotting out when everything happened down to the exact day.

Which of the characters of the story can you identify with most?
I can identify with both Amy and Julia, as well as Julia's mom and Caro and well--there's something in all of the characters that speaks to me! If there wasn't, I wouldn't have been able to write about them. I have to believe in the characters and the story before I can write.

What, or who, inspired the story of Amy?
I wanted to write a story about a girl who had lost her best friend, and who blamed herself and was wrestling with a lot of demons. I also wanted to write about something I'd never seen in a young adult novel before, which was parents who were very, very much in love. So much in love, in fact, that their own child was secondary in their lives. You see a lot of broken families in YA, but I'd never read a book where the family was intact, but the main character felt lost not because things were bad for her parents, but because they were *so* good.

How do you come up with ideas for your books?
I get inspiration from all over the place! Things I see, things I hear, dreams--I've even gotten inspiration while cleaning the bathroom. I think once you stop stressing about ideas and just relax a little and enjoy and watch what's going on around you, things will start to pop for you. (Which is why you should always have some kind of notebook with you!)

Do you ever base your characters or plots on real-life events or people?
No. I would feel incredibly uncomfortable writing about myself or anyone I knew or anything that had happened to myself or someone I knew. Besides, one of the best things about writing is making things up!

What is the most interesting thing a reader has ever said to you?
I once had a reader send me a very polite note saying that she'd read my first novel, Bloom, and that she wanted to like it but didn't. And a year later, I heard from her again--she'd picked up the novel on a whim, and found that she actually liked it a lot! That, I thought, was really cool. And very sweet as well!

Which of all your novels was the most fun to write?
I love all my novels in the beginning stages. I hate all of them by the end and I have never read any of my finished books. (Really! Not one!)

Any upcoming projects you're working on?
My next book will be out in September. It's called Grace, and it's about a girl who has been raised to be a suicide bomber--and what happens to her when she decides she doesn't want to die.

What are the top three things you can't live without?
My husband, my dog, and books!

Thank you, Elizabeth, for participating in this interview and for being your lovely writer self (she wrote Bloom. She. Wrote. Bloom. Anyone who's been reading my blog knows how much I love that book :D). Don't forget to watch out for Elizabeth's upcoming book, Grace, which is set to hit stores this September!


  1. I love this interview! Great questions and answers. Elizabeth Scott is SO amazing! I loved Love You Hate You Miss You as well :)

  2. Great interview! Loved your questions. I've heard about Grace and it sounds so interesting. I do hope I get to grab a copy when it's out.

  3. You know what? I think this might be my favorite author interview I've ever read! She just sounds like such a completely normal person. LOVED what she said about writing with "a message." I always hated having to dissect what the message was supposed to be. Her comment about parents who loved each other "too" much completely stood out to me b/c I've only read one other book with similar parents (Mercy by Jodi Picoult, amazing) and I never forgot that relationship. I haven't read any of Elizabeth Scott's books but now I can't wait to start.