Sunday, July 18, 2010

In the Hotseat: Jennifer Murgia

For today's In the  Hotseat post, I have with me 2010 debut author Jennifer Murgia. She's the author of Angel Star, which is a love story about angels. I asked her a couple of questions about her novel, writing, and herself in general, so here goes! I hope you guys enjoy this.

How did you come up with the idea of writing a book about angels? Have they always been a topic of interest for you?
Actually I have always been interested in angels but writing a novel about them wasn’t intentional. I was sitting up late one night thinking about unconditional love  and the idea of loving someone who was a constant presence, but forbidden to be with you. The idea really intrigued me and I could picture three characters clearly in my head so I wrote out the prologue that night, just to get my thoughts in order. I realized it was a great start to a story and kept going.

What message did you want to get across when you wrote Angel Star?
There a lot of elements in Angel Star; bullying, love, loyalty, death. The main message is that they can all be handled by knowing who you are and standing up for yourself.  I personally believe that things happen for a reason – a circumstance that may appear as chance or bad luck can happen because it paves the way for something better down the road, although usually the recipient of the bad luck can’t see that yet. It connects the age old belief that you can’t have light without dark or bad without evil –  those elements are not really separate, but work hand in hand with each other.

You've been getting such great reviews. How do you feel about all the positive feedback?
Elated of course! I’m just so happy that readers are enjoying a story of mine!
Which of all the characters in the novel is your favorite?
Hadrian. I know . . .  he’s the villain, but he’s extremely complex and has his own obstacles to overcome. He’s really no different than anyone else.  
Is there a particular scene in Angel Star that you enjoyed writing the most?  
The whole book was so much fun to write but I did love creating the eerie Rave scene.
What, to you, is the ultimate comfort food?
Soup. Any kind. I’m a soup-a-holic.
What would you consider to be your greatest achievement so far?
Being a decent person, a good mom and an author.

Who has been the biggest influence in your life?
My kids. They’re my balance. When things get too serious I spend time with them and reconnect with the fun in life.
What advice can you give to aspiring writers?
I always mention that you should write for yourself and not what  you think people are going to want to read and I stick by that. If you have a story to tell, enjoy writing it, make it what your heart says it should be and it will turn out to be something extraordinary.
Any upcoming projects you're working on?   
Lemniscate, the sequel to Angel Star will be released March 21, 2011. I’m also working on a couple of projects but right now, they’re still new and top secret! 

I don't know about you, but I'm already excited about the new, top-secret projects. But then again, just saying something is top-secret automatically tickles my curiosity ;) I'm sure they're bound to be awesome, though! Thanks again for the interview, Jennifer!


  1. I hope one of the Secret Project is the prequel of Angel Star that I’m dying to read. Amazing writer!

  2. Ooh I'm addicted to soup, too! :) I haven't had the chance to read this book yet, but it sounds like most readers really like it. Great interview!

  3. I LOVED Angel Star and can't wait for Lemniscate! Fabulous interview! I just wish get those secret projects out of her! lol

  4. I haven't read Angel Star yet. It sounds like a deeper story than what I expected. I like the message of the book. Interesting interview.

    Stopping by from CEP :)

  5. I'm from the CEP.

    Great interview! I just won a copy of Angel Star, so it is nice to learn more about the author :)

  6. I haven't read Angel Star yet but am putting it on my TBR list NOW. Thanks for the great interview!

  7. I have Angel Star waiting on me. Great interview!
    Here from CEP