Sunday, August 22, 2010

Casting Characters (6): Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Casting Characters is a feature hosted at Erika Breathes Books that gives potential casts for books.
Hi loves! It's been a while since I did my last CC post, so I thought it was time to do another one. This time, I'll be casting characters for Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. I read it a while back and I loved it, like so many others did. In fact, it was awesome enough for movie rights for it to be bought! I'm entirely sure of the details or whether or not they have a cast, but I thought I'd beat the producers to it and cast my own ensemble, haha!

Samantha - Girl from the book cover!
This isn't very original, but I loved the book cover so much, I couldn't imagine anyone else as Sam! The cover model was who I was imagining the entire time I read the novel. I tried imagining others in the role of Sam, but it just wouldn't work. Something was always off. Kudos to the publishers for choosing such an effective model, haha!

Lindsay - Kristin Cavallari
I never watched Laguna Beach OR The Hills (so sue me), but I'm updated enough to know that Kristin's the cool girl. From what I gather, she's the popular girl who gets the boys and does what she wants, exactly like Lindsay. And she looks like Lindsay, too. At least I think so. She's hot, she's got the messy, beachy blonde hair, and she exudes confidence!

Ally - Samantha Droke
Ally seems to be the very sweet, feminine one, and for some reason Samantha Droke fits the character in my opinion. There's just something about her that's so... girly. And she seems like the type that would enjoy being in the kitchen. Ally's supposed to be this really good chef, so it works. I also imagine Ally to be very petite since she's weight-conscious, so Samantha's got the look down.

Elody - Kherington Payne
I've only ever seen this girl dance since I didn't watch Fame, but she looks like she could pull off being the loud, flirty, occasionally inappropriate Elody. She seems sweet, so she could be a total flirt but still be cute. Elody's also supposed to be the nicest of the four friends in the story, and Kherington seemed really nice in So You Think You Can Dance! And I also imagined Elody with this haircut. I can't remember if her hairstyle was ever mentioned, but I just always imagined her hair short.

Kent - Aaron Johnson
Yes, yes, Aaron Johnson doesn't really look like this anymore. And yes, he has a girlfriend 20 years his senior, so he hardly fits the character of Kent. But looks-wise, I think Aaron's perfect for the role. Let  me rephrase- the way he looked in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging is perfect for the role. I don't really think the way he looked in Kick-Ass would fly too well as Kent, but him as Robbie? Wow, perfect. He's got the floppy hair, the grreen eyes, a slight air of cute geekiness to him... Seriously, dude. Perfect.

Rob - Kevin Schmidt
Yeah... This guy's totally Rob. It's easy to imagine him doing keg stands in a party and being a jock in school, and a bit of a jerk, too. I think Kevin's the kind of actor who's made for roles like those, very much like Travis Vann Winkle, so I think he's a suitable Kevin. There's just something about him that screams "jerk who belongs in a football field." I'm not judging Kevin whatsoever, for all I know he's a wonderful guy, I'm just saying he's the kind of actor that would play characters like Rob very well.

Juliet - Carly Schroeder
Truth be told, she's the only actress within the right age range I could think of with features that would match Juliet's. Juliet has white-blonde hair, and I couldn't think of anyone! At first I imagined her as the girl who played Fleur in the fourth Harry Potter movie, but she seemed a little too old. Then I imagined her as the girl who played Luna Lovegood, but still things weren't right. Carly just seemed like the most suitable so she's the one I chose, but I'm not 100% positive on this one.

Izzy - Maria Lark
I used to watch The Medium religiously, so I saw a lot of this young lady. Her character in the series, Bridgette, is pretty eccentric even for a kid, so I think she'd be a great Izzy, who likes being different and is totally happy with the way she is.


  1. Cool! I think they all fit well :)

  2. Very cool feature! I stil haven't read Before I Fall, but when I do (and I will!), I'll keep these people in mind.

  3. I am almost sure this is the MODEL from the cover!!!!She is beautiful!!!