Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday Three: Three Bad-ass Leading Ladies

I never really bought the whole "damsel in distress" ordeal. Since I was a little girl, I always rooted for the tomboy characters, those spunky girls overflowing with personality that fought the bad guys just as well as the boys did. I haven't shaken that affinity, and though years have passed, I still find myself drawn to these strong, stubborn females that embody girl power. To pay homage to my childhood idols, I present to you my three favorite bad-ass leading ladies.

Katniss Everdeen - The Hunger Games trilogy
I think this one's pretty self-explanatory. Who doesn't think Katniss is a bad-ass? I mean, she's an archer, a hunter, a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend? I'm not so sure about the last one, but this girl is definitely awesome. Whoever thinks otherwise should be shot. She stands on her own and has grown tough from all her experiences, yet she's vulnerable, and I think that makes her even cooler. Despite the brick walls she puts up, it's nice to know some people still get through to her... That she still has feelings. It makes her all the more real. And this girl just doesn't give up. She's strength and independence packed into the tiny body of a sixteen-year-old, and I don't think anybody can ever get any cooler than that.

Katsa - Graceling
Katsa's a lot like Katniss in a sense that she's a strong-willed fighter, but she's also very different. She refuses to dress up even though she comes from royalty, and she rejects the wealth offered to her on a silver platter. Simple is how she rolls, and she'd much rather hang out with her potion-making cousin or bring criminals to justice than sit around in a pretty palace doing tasks meant for girls, like cooking, sewing and the like. She's a big toughie with awesome skills, if you throw her into a pit of lions, she's guaranteed to emerge unscathed. How is that not awesome?! It's almost like this girl has no fears... except love. Like Katniss, she's vulnerable. She's afraid of letting people reach her, but she lets them in eventually, and learns to love, which I think is pretty admirable.

 Samantha Madison - All-American Girl
Sam isn't the typical weapon-yielding, enemy-wrestling leading lady, and she's pretty different from the first two mentioned, but I think she's just as amazing as them. She's an individual, a rebel, and she doesn't lose sight of herself even when the world tells her to conform. When your big sister is the most popular girl in school and your younger one is a total genius, it's easy to lose grip on your identity. Not Sam, though. She stays true to herself, even when it's not easy. She's funny, she's artistic, and she's occasionally eccentric, but it's okay with her. She knows she'll never be head cheerleader, and she knows she'll never be a genius, but she's happy being in the middle, just being herself. And she saved the president's life! If jumping on an assassin to save somebody's life doesn't scream bad-ass, I have no idea what does.


  1. I don't know about Katniss or Samantha (because I haven't read those books), but I totally agree with Katsa! She is one of my favorite fictional characters because she is so independent, intelligent and strong, but still she is feminine and manages to find love.

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  3. what a cool post idea. I totally agree about Katniss and Kasta, great Bad Ass leading ladies.

  4. Awesome post! I'm sad (and slightly ashamed) to say that I haven't read any of these books yet. Especially Hunger Games. I mean, come on!

  5. Girl Power!!! YES. I love it when bloggers do posts like this. (: I agree with you about the "damsel in distress" vs. the "badass leading ladies". I <3 Katniss and Katsa, too. I haven't read that particular Meg Cabot book, but the girls in the books I have read of hers have been awesome. Great post Erika!

  6. LOVE THIS!! I never bought the damsel in distress thing either!! I haven't read graceling yet, i really want the book though.

  7. I love Katniss and Katsa, so I should probably check out Sam in All-American Girl too! :)