Saturday, October 23, 2010

Casting Characters (7): The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare

Casting Characters is a feature hosted at Erika Breathes Books that gives potential casts for books.
It's been a LONG time since I last did a CC post, which is ironic, because they're the most fun posts that I do but I simply did not have the time to do so with school breathing down my neck. But this week, I discovered the wonder that is The Mortal Instruments series, and I just HAD to do a CC post for it. Perfect timing, because I just finished my midterms and I now have more time in my hands, so I could totally make a post! I'm only at the beginning of the second book and I don't know a bunch of characters that appear only later on, so all the characters in this post will be from City of Bones.

Clary Fray - Alexz Johnson
Clary's supposed to have red hair, green eyes, and a small bone structure. Initially, I pictured Stacey Farber (from Degrassi) as Clary, but as I read on, I thought she looked a little too delicate to play her, and then I saw pictures of Alexz on the internet, and then bam, I realized she'd play the perfect Clary. She's delicate-looking but totally looks like she can kick butt if she needs to, plus she's got the small frame and red hair. She also isn't the in-your-face kind of pretty, which is how I imagined Clary to be.

Jace Wayland - Alex Pettyfer
I know, I know. I casted Alex as Daniel in my Fallen CC. I normally don't like "recycling" people for my CC posts, but I just had to! Alex IS Jace Wayland. Just look at him in the picture- obnoxious, arrogant, gorgeous... I'm sure he could pull off snark, too. I'm telling you, this guy has the character of Jace down to a T. He's got the face of an angel, and I think the picture serves as enough evidence that the guy can bring on attitude when he wants.

Simon Lewis - David Henrie
I pictured Simon to be boy-next-door cute and sort of nerdy, and David Henrie came to mind. If you've seen him on Wizards of Waverly Place, you'd understand why. There he plays the geeky older brother who's awkward but adorable and sweet, and that's exactly how I imagines Simon to be. Just add the glasses and the video games and the manga, and David's good to go!

Alec Lightwood - Jonathan Bennett
Alec was a difficult one for me. I couldn't imagine a concrete person as him! Really, for most of the book, I could picture a body, but not a face. It's so weird, but it was a total challenge. Jonathan Bennett is the closest one I found to my idea of Alec, but I'm still not 100% sure on this one.

Isabelle Lightwood - Rosie Huntington Whiteley
I initially didn't think of Rosie as Isabelle. I went through a bunch of choices- Jessica Stroup, Jessica Lowndes, Caroline D'Amore, and then Rosie. I know, after looking through the internet, that a lot of people picture Megan Fox as Isabelle, and it could work (she is drop-dead gorgeous and exotic-looking), but it just wouldn't work in my head. Every time I tried to imagine Megan as Isabelle, the image just wouldn't adhere. Then I came across a picture of Rosie and remembered seeing her  in the VS fashion shows, and I thought, hey, that's Isabelle Lightwood right there. She's also younger-looking than Megan, which is a plus, but just as breathtaking.

Luke Garroway - Keanu Reeves
It doesn't matter that Keanu played Neo, the super-macho guy from The Matrix, one of the ultimate boy films of all time. Keanu always struck, and will always strike, me as a sensitive, quiet guy. He'd be convincing as a nice thirty-something bookstore owner, but he showed us that he can toughen up when needed when he played Neo. I also imagined Luke to have these physical features- dark hair, stubble, the works.

Jocelyn Fray - Famke Janssen
Jocelyn is stunningly pretty with long red hair, and I imagined her to look like Famke. Famke normally has dark brown hair, but I did see her in the X-Men movies as Jean Grey, and she's a convincing enough redhead. She also looks strong and independent, like Jocelyn. And I know for a fact that she can play a mother-type character after seeing her in Taken (which I loved, BTW).

Valentine Morgenstern - Daniel Craig
Valentine is described as a tall man with light hair and a charismatic appeal, so who better to play him than a James Bond? Daniel's got to be charming to pull off playing 007, after all. And he can come across a little cold and disconnected, sort of like Valentine. I also had this idea of Alex Skarsgard as Valentine, but given the ages of the people I imagined Luke and Jocelyn as, I deemed him too young and stuck with Daniel instead.

Magnus Bane - Bill Kaulitz
Magnus is a teenage-looking warlock with a penchant for parties, make-up and glitter, so I imagined Bill from the band Tokio Hotel as him right away. I don't listen to the band, but I have seen enough music videos on TV and pictures on the internet to know that Bill likes to look flashy, heavy eye-liner and all. And Magnus also looks a touch Asian. I'm not sure if Bill has any Asian blood in him, but he looks Asian and, well, flashy enough to play the flamboyant Magnus Bane. 


  1. I love your casting characters posts, but, can you believe it - I haven't read this series!! I am however planning to read it, and I'm bookmarking your post for when I do! :)

  2. I really like your casting ideas. One of the best I've seen recently. I love Alex as Jace (who doesn't? seriously, he HAVE to be in the movie) and Famke as Jocelyn is just perfect, how come I've never thought of her?

  3. Perfect! I seriously agree with every one of your choices. :)

  4. Famke Janssen, Dutch! Yeah! :) ha!
    Clary Fray - Alexz Johnson, never heard of before.

  5. Great cast! I love this feature.

  6. I love trying to cast books, and I like your cast! Thanks for the hop and follow, I'm now following you. :)

  7. Bill Kaulitz is PERFECT! I've never seen anyone cast him as Magnus, but what a great idea!