Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Casting Characters (7): When It Happens by Susane Colasanti

Casting Characters is a feature hosted at Erika Breathes Books that gives potential casts for books.
When It Happens is one of my favorite YA novels (I even gave it away on my 6th month giveaway!) and it's one of those stories that I'll always remember to be amazing. Recently, the author, Susane, posted on her blog (which I frequently stalk) that she wants readers' suggestions for a potential casting of the two main characters. I was thinking, how perfect! Casting characters is so much fun, and it's been a while since I've done a post anyway, so I decided to do a CC post for the book, and went ahead and cast some other characters as well. Enjoy! :)

Sara - Lyndsy Fonseca
Sara's shy, sweet, smart and romantic, and while reading the book, I imagined her to look a lot like this. Sure, Lyndsy's no longer a teenager, but most actors portraying high-school students aren't, and Lyndsy could easily pass as an adolescent. She looks slightly different when she's on the red carpet, but when she's dressed down, she has this shyness to her that I find to be reminiscent of Sara. Also, she can really act!

Tobey - Kristopher Turner
Though I have this gigantic crush on Tobey and think that he's one of the most adorable boyfriends in YA fiction, I never imagined him to be classically handsome. More like cute and charming, so Kristopher came to mind. He seems really chill but sweet, and it's easy to imagine him with a guitar in hand. Oh, and the young John Krasinski thing he has going on? I don't hate it. I don't hate it at all.

Laila - Olivia Thrilby
Laila's described to be this driven, strong-willed, independent best friend character, and for some reason, the entire time I was reading When It Happens, I imagined Olivia as her. The only movie I'd ever seen her in at that time was Juno, so maybe it was her convincing performance as the funny best friend there or the fact that she's got the look I imagined Laila to have that she immediately came to mind. She really did a great job playing the sarcastic and loyal Leah, though, so I'm pretty sure she can pull off being Laila.

Maggie - Maggie Grace
How uncanny is it that they both have the same name?! To me, Maggie Grace is the perfect Maggie. She's blonde and undeniably attractive, yet there's this refreshing niceness to her. She looks like she could be popular, but she also comes across as really polite and caring. She's a little old to play a high-school student, but she was a really convincing teenager in Taken, so I don't think she'll have a problem with the age of the character at all.

Mike - Ryan Cooley
If you've seen Degrassi: The Next Generation, then I think you know what I'm talking about when I suggest Ryan as Mike. Mike is Tobey's best friend, and he's the nice-guy, musician type, too, and he just seems like an awesome guy to hang out with. JT, Ryan's character in Degrassi, is a lot like that- sort of geeky but still pretty cool and still gets the girls- so I think Ryan will do the character of Mike justice.

Josh - Cody Linley
Josh is supposed to be this blonde, energetic, happy-go-lucky guy who's a bit of a spaz. I'm not sure about his ability to play a hyped-up drummer, but Cody's got the look of Josh down to a T. He has the floppy brown hair, the bright eyes, and the easy smile, and he looks like a nice, funny, boy-next-door type.

Dave - Hunter Parrish
I've never seen Hunter act before, but when I saw his picture on the internet, my mind automatically linked him and the character of Dave. At first, Sara thinks that Dave is wholesome and tender, but he turns out not to be, so the one who plays him has to be convincing as both a protagonist and a villain. Hunter looks like he could be both, so it works. Also, Dave's supposed to be attractive and athletic, and clearly, Hunter's got that going for him, too, so he's pretty much perfect for the part.


  1. I love this cast you choose! Especially the people for Sara, Josh, Laila and Tobey! :)

  2. I haven't read this book, but I love the actors you picked! Especially Kristopher Turner. I haven't seen him in anything recent...