Review Policy and System

PolicyI would be honored to accept books for review. I accept published books and ARCs. I read books of various genres, but I focus on YA books, particularly romance, chick-lit, paranormal, and fantasy.

I cannot guarantee a positive review. My posts here will be based on my personal opinion of the book, so ratings will depend on whether I liked it as a whole or not.

I rate books based on five criteria- plot, creativity, characters, writing, and impact. I give each criteria a score, and based on that I give an overall grade and an explanation for it.
The grade equivalents are as follows:
5/5 - I absolutely loved it. It was amazing!
4/5 - I really liked it. Definitely worth reading.
3/5 - I liked it.
2/5- I didn't really like it, but it was okay.
1/5- I didn't like it at all.